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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fast Twitch muscle in Martial Arts

Fast twitch muscle is critical in martial arts, it gives speed and power to your techniques, but it also adds the ability to use better techniques, for example in Wing Chun speed is critical for it's fast paced chain strikes and prarries. and in Boxing, Punches get the "snap"  they need to really deliver a shock to an opponent.

Also, personally, after almost a year of working out with "fast twitch" excercises my bench press has gone up by 40 lbs, I can do 5 times as many pullups and pushups than i used to do, and my curl has gone up 10 lbs, but my arm circumference has gone up by 1 inch, which is just telling you how dense your muscles should become, so if your not noticing results at first, start to track your workouts, trust me you'll realize how much stronger your becoming.

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